Captain Rivet


Alias Captain Rivet
Gender Mechanical/Male(?)
Status Alive
Affiliation Superhomeys, Executive Council
First Appearance Not Very Secret

Captain Rivet is a senior member of the Superhomeys superhero team. Perhaps the senior member; he often is shown as a peacemaker father-figure type character.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Captain Rivet is one of the more reasonable members of the Superhomeys, and one of the few who Empowered looks up to. When Emp gets into embarassing situations, he at least tries to hide his laughter.

While Captain Rivet is nominally one of the leaders of the Superhomeys, he is not always effective at managing their behavior.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Captain Rivet's powers have not been clearly demonstrated. However, it seems that his armor is hollow, as there is nothing visible inside when he is torn in half (Because This Is What I Am). He does not appear to suffer lasting damage from that incident, suggesting some form of regeneration or self-repair.

He also seemed to retain his powers despite Wet Blanket's null field, suggesting that he either does not eat, or that his powers are purely technological in nature.

In Hell Bent or Heaven Sent, he claims that he is a stainless-steel golem and never had a biological body. Until/unless more detail is given, this could well be a cover story - or the truth. Who knows.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Not Very Secret
Involved in an argument with Major Havoc, Captain Rivet is portrayed as an old school tactician.
Under the Mask
Leading the charge to rescue Empowered, Rivet finds out later that in her bid for time, Emp convinced her captors that Rivet was "a menopausal hausfrau named Beatrice" who built the armor to treat her hot flashes.
Yay, Me!
The Captain manages to forget Emp when he says "Everyone accounted for?"
D is for Dissed
Say My Name
Captain Rivet, in a flashback, quizzes Emp on what her superhero name will be.

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Not a Good Day to Be Empowered
Captain Rivet is revealed to be a member of the Executive Council. He is the only member of the Council to vote against imprisoning Empowered in Glassbreak.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rivet's name, as displayed across the front of his armor and on various articles of fan clothing (including Emp's) throughout the series, is actually Capitan Rivet. This suggests that his name (and, by extension, Rivet) may be Spanish or Catalan in origin, since 'Capitan' is how Captain is spelled in those languages.
    Rivet speaks perfect idiomatic American English, however.
  • Going by nothing but appearance, Rivet has the look of a buffed up Tin Man.
  • At once point Empowered blurts out on an interview that " ... Captain ______ is rendered powerless by any exposure to _____" and has the compromising chunks bleeped out. That fact that she only seems likely to have compromising info on captains Rivet and Katana , and refers to the individual in question as "he", makes it plausible that Captain Rivet has a weakness.
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