Captain Katana


Alias Captain Katana
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Superhomeys
First Appearance D is for Dissed
Captain Katana is a member of the Superhomeys superhero team.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Captain Katana's arms and legs have been replaced by katanas. The source of his powers is apparently a magic katana driven into the top of his skull. His powers allow him to control the katanas serving as his arms and legs, and prevent the katana in his skull from causing him any pain.


D is for Dissed
While he doesn't actually appear, Captain K simultaneously wins Dancin' With the Superheroes and pisses off Sistah Spooky.

Captain Katana's first actual appearance is at the Capeys in Because This Is What I Am. He is accepting a Capey for "Best Team Performance in a Non-Terrestrial Conflict" when he is afflicted by the null field of the pieces of Wet Blanket that dWARf! spiked the food with. With his powers neutralized, he is rendered helpless and in pain from the sword in his head.

Captain Katana appears again as a member of the superhero team sent against Willy Pete in Say That I Deserve This. He, along with most other members of the team, are immolated and killed within seconds.


  • While a bit of a stretch, consider the massive sideburns, a westerner with roots in Japanese culture, and metal driven into his skeleton. In these terms, Wolverine springs to mind.
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