Caged Demonwolf


Alias Caged Demonwolf
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Demonwolf of the DVDs

The Caged Demonwolf is an eldritch entity trapped within energy-draining alien bondage gear and kept Empowered's apartment.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Caged Demonwolf has the ability to possess a human host. While doing so, he can manifest a massive and incredibly powerful body made of energy.

The Caged Demonwolf perceives time non-linearly, allowing him to see the past, present, and future simultaneously.

According to him, he once existed as a corporeal lifeform before his current incarnation as an immortal, inorganically embodied entity.


The Caged Demonwolf normally projects an arrogant and bombastic persona. He alliterates whenever possible, avoids pronouns, refers to himself by numerous elaborate titles, and expresses interest in the women's sexual escapades. However, it is eventually revealed that this is largely an act, and that he is actually capable of being remarkably sensitive and erudite when he so chooses.


The Caged Demonwolf first appears in Demonwolf of the DVDs. Possessing a human host, he defeats most of the Superhomeys, but Empowered traps him in her set of Imperial Cosmichains. She is then informed that, due to zoning restrictions on the Homeycrib, she will have to keep him in her apartment. She, Ninjette, and Thugboy gradually become friends with him.

In Deflowered and Dispassionate, the Demonwolf speaks candidly to Ninjette, revealing that despite his normal bombastic personality he is capable of being quite eloquent when it chooses. It explains that it doesn't mind being trapped in the Cosmichains because its nonlinear perception of time means that he can simultaneously experience imprisonment in the present and freedom in the past and future. He also reveals that he truly cares for her and will remember her forever.


"Long after you are dead, and this city is ashes, and your species is extinct... and this planet is a graveyard, and every star in its sky has gone dark, and all the universe beyond is lifeless and still... I will carry your memory with me, perfect in every detail, into the next universe. And I will see you then exactly as I see you now. Warm and passionate and violent and alluring and misguided and aroused and damaged and alive. From my point of view, you will never truly die, Kozue."
-- Caged Demonwolf, Deflowered and Dispassionate


  • The Caged Demonwolf's tentacle-faced appearance when unbound resembles Cthulhu of the Lovecraft mythos.
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