Volume 4 Story 10
Preceded by
Of Wishes and Mayflies
Followed by
Proud and Delighted


The Superhomeys travel to an underground Organ Pharm vault to collect alien body parts for the suprahuman treatment wing of the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital. Sistah Spooky takes the opportunity to speak to Empowered in private, saying that her Capey nomination is actually a cruel practical joke. Emp learns how, three years previously, unrespected hero Fleshmaster "won" the award, only to be publically humiliated by the other heroes laughing at him while Stigmata Hari dumped blood on him. Returning home, Emp tells what she has learned to Ninjette and Thugboy. Ninjette speaks to the Caged Demonwolf, who observes that she has begun violating her self-imposed rule against drinking alcohol during the day, while Thugboy recalls the murder of the Holy Avenger by a hero during the San Antonio capeless uprising.

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