Big Cosmic Pimpin'
Big cosmic pimpin'
Volume 1 Story 8
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Empowered's large booty prevents her from being kidnapped into a space harem.


Empowered is trapped in Imperial Cosmichains by the robot Imperial Pimpotron Alpha, who seeks to recruit her for "erotiservitude" in the Cosmolactic Emperor's harem. However, when it scans her with its Imperial Voluptuometer, it finds that her butt is too big for the Cosmolactic Emperor's preference. It departs, leaving Emp with the Imperial Cosmichains and the feeling that the cosmos just proved that her butt is too big.

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Notice that Emp is tied using not one, but two Cosmichains. Meaning that there must be another one somewhere, in case of multiple Demonwolf appearances.


"Dhdn't whnna bh in yhhr ftupid harhm anyway...!" :: Empowered

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