Because This Is What I Am
Volume 4 Story 12
Preceded by
Proud and Delighted
Followed by
Reducing the Uppity


Empowered, Ninjette, and Thugboy attend the 17th annual Caped Justice awards. As the awards ceremony begins, the heroes' powers are suddenly nullified and portals open through which alien organs attack. The heroes' powers were nullfied due to Wet Blanket's flesh having been minced into the food, but Emp was too nervous to eat and is therefore unaffected. She realizes that the attack is being coordinated by dWARf!, whose true identity is Fleshmaster, in revenge for his humiliation at the Capeys three years ago. Using her suit's invisibilty power to trick him, she fights and defeats him. Manny then sends a number of Miss Emp Mechas to collect Fleshmaster, planning to use his biopowers to cure his cancer. With Fleshmaster's influence over the alien organs broken, they go quiescent. As the fighting stops, Thugboy recognizes the hero who killed the Holy Avenger and attempts to shoot him, but Ninjette stops him before anyone notices. Superhero reinforcements show up to help, and Emp meets Mindfuck, who apologizes to her for how Sistah Spooky has treated her.

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