Ayakami Yukiko


Name Ayakami Yukiko
Nicknames Yuki
Gender Female
Status Dead
Affiliation Ayakami Clan
First Appearance Time's Arrow, Flying Differently

Ayakami Yukiko is a ninja of the Ayakami Clan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all Ayakami Clan ninja, Yuki is skilled in combat and uses a ninjutsu that prevents her from feeling pain.


Yuki is in a relationship with fellow ninja Ayakami Masahiro. However, she is also secretly having an affair with Ayakami Hideaki.


Yuki first appears in the flash-forward panels of Time's Arrow, Flying Differently.

In Whoopsies, Ninjette and Oyuki disguise themselves as Yuki and Ayakami Kenji in order to present Yuki, disguised as Ninjette, to the Ayakami Clan in order to set up an ambush. It is shown in flashback how Yuki and Kenji attempted to ambush Ninjette in Dragoon Park.

In Of Ninja Noobs, Jump-Scare Booty, and Unlocking Fuckable Characters, the switch is discovered by the other ninja and Ninjette and Oyuki launch their ambush. It is shown in flashback how Ninjette and Oyuki captured Yuki, then got her drunk in order to interrogate her for information about the Ayakami Clan. Yuki revealed she was cheating on Masahiro with Hideaki.

In Of Blue Steel and Bad Ideas, it is shown in flashback that Yuki passed out drunk after Ninjette's interrogation, allowing Ninjette to disguise her.

In Deflowered and Dispassionate, Ninjette has killed most of the Ayakami Clan, but is exhausted and is no longer being assisted by Oyuki. Yuki, Hideaki, and Masahiro approach her to fight.

In You Will Address Me as "Hime-Sama", Yuki, Hideaki, and Masahiro nearly manage to kill Ninjette. However, Ninjette sows discord among them by revealing Yuki's affair, then burns Yuki to death using the "Flame Surprise Mystical Magic" ninjutsu.

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