Ayakami Hideaki


Name Ayakami Hideaki
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Ayakami Clan
First Appearance Time's Arrow, Flying Differently

Hideaki is a ninja of the Ayakami Clan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all ninja of the Ayakami Clan, Hideaki is a skilled warrior and is capable of using a pain-suppressing ninjutsu.


Hideaki is engaged in an affair with fellow ninja Ayakami Yukiko, who is publicly in a relationship with their teammate Ayakami Masahiro.


Hideaki first appears with the other members of the Ayakami Clan in one of the flash-forward panels presented by the Caged Demonwolf in Time's Arrow, Flying Differently.

In Whoopsies, Hideaki is among the group of ninja who Ninjette and Oyuki prepare to ambush by impersonating Ayakami Kenji and Yuki.

In Of Ninja Noobs, Jump-Scare Booty, and Unlocking Fuckable Characters, Ninjette and Oyuki reveal themselves and engage Hideaki and the other Ayakami Clan ninja in combat.

In Deflowered and Dispassionate, Ninjette has finished off most of the Ayakami Clan ninja; however, she is exhausted, and Oyuki has stopped helping her. Hideaki, Masahiro, and Yuki, the final three Ayakami Clan ninja standing, team up on her.

In You Will Address Me as "Hime-Sama", Hideaki, Masahiro, and Yuki nearly manage to defeat Ninjette. However, she sows discord among them by revealing Hideaki and Yuki's secret relationship, then kills Hideaki by decapitating him.

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