"Armored Villain"


Name Unknown
Gender Male
Status Dead
First Appearance A Long Line of Dead People

This character has not received a name in canon. The name used here to refer to him is only a placeholder. If a name is provided for him in canon, all references to him should be updated with that information.

This character is a supervillain who employed the Witless Minions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He wore a large suit of powered armor. While incredibly strong and nearly impervious, it had a weak point in the form of two cooling vents, which he hid beneath his cape.


This character first appears in Thugboy's nightmare in A Long Line of Dead People, standing amongst the people Thugboy has seen die.

The circumstances of his death are revealed in Witless Minions 4-Eva. He threated to crack Q-Dog's head open after the Witless Minions "lost" his microwave-frequency laser cannon, prompting Thugboy to shoot his cooling vents with a 50 caliber sniper rifle. The suit overheats, and he suffocates.

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