Ant Lioness
Alias Ant Lioness
Gender Female
Status Alive
Known Relatives Janelle (daughter)

Ant Lioness is a supervillain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ant Lioness appears to have some insect-like and some lion-like features, though it is not clear which are actually part of her body and which are merely costume. According to Cephalopunk, Ant Lioness possesses superpowers, though she does not display any extraordinary abilities on-panel.


Ant Lioness is superstitious. She is a fan of reality TV shows about ghost hunters. She is implied to be married, but to have had an affair with a superhero.


Ant Lioness appears in Distress and the Damsel as a member of a supervillain team including Burning Chrome, Cephalopunk, and Infekshaun. They abduct Empowered with the intention of selling her to a supervillain wishing to use her to gain access to the alien superweapons stored in Object 524. However, Empowered pretends to channel the spirit of the deceased superheroine Titanium Magnolia and convinces them that the lair is haunted. In particular, she says that she knows that Ant Lioness has a daughter named Janelle and that Janelle's real father is a superhero rather than Ant Lioness's husband. All of the villains except Cephalopunk believe Empowered and flee the lair, abandoning their plan.

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