Alias Anglerfish
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Outrageouslah Erroneous
Known Relatives Kid Anglerfish (Son, deceased)

Anglerfish is a supervillain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anglerfish has the head resembling that of a deep sea anglerfish. He is capable of mind control using his lurelight, which causes people to hallucinate their deepest desires.


Anglerfish appears in Outrageouslah Erroneous when he abducts the members of "The Superhomeys Experience", a group of actors who dress up as the Superhomeys for performances. However, unbeknownst to him, Empowered is in the group cosplaying as herself. She defeats Anglerfish and demands to know his motive. Anglerfish explains that he wanted to generate bad publicity for the Superhomeys in order to force them to investigate the death of his son, Kid Anglerfish, his repeated requests having been ignored. Empowered, realizing from his description that the perpetrator of Kid Anglerfish's murder was Willy Pete, tells him that she'll look into it.

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