Amorous Audacity
Volume 2 Story 10
Preceded by
Much Flaunted
Followed by
A Hundred Pieces, Artfully Arranged


Thugboy explains some of the hypermembrane's secondary powers to the Caged Demonwolf. He says that the top of the hypermembrane threads itself around her hair follicles, giving the impression of only being a mask while still fully protecting her head, but the Caged Demonwolf isn't impressed and asks for more saucy secrets. Thugboy relates the story about how, the first time he and Empowered hooked up, they used a piece of the hypermembrane as a condom and found that it amplifies sexual pleasure. Emp thinks that it's an attempt by the hypermembrane to provide her with a positive reason to keep wearing it, given how often it humiliates her. He also relays Emp's theory that the suit is physically fragile because she's psychologically fragile; it flakes out when she lacks confidence, but works well when she believes in herself. However, this results in a vicious cycle where her shaky self-confidence causes the suit to fail, further hurting her self-confidence, further weakening the suit, and so on. Thugboy then asks the Caged Demonwolf not to tell Emp that he revealed all these things, and the Demonwolf plans to blackmail him for control of the TV remote.

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