All Mine
All mine
Volume 1 Story 5
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A geek tries to steal Emp's super suit. Nothing works out well for anyone, including the reader.


Emp is arguing herself ever further into believing that the chapter breaks are a cheap move.


A generic dude subdues Empowered with halothane, strips off her suit with an evil laugh... and puts it on.

Monologuing like a good villain, he eventually tries to demonstrate his new-found super-strength by kicking a stone pillar, breaking his foot; disoriented by the pain, he then falls out a window.

Making her way outside, Empowered explains that her suit doesn't work for anybody else. Attempting to maintain some dignity, Emp goes to put on the suit, and realizes the thug has wet himself, and the suit.

She calls an ambulance for the thug; the final insult lands when the EMTs mistake him for her boyfriend.





  • The geek originally (and, later, Emp) is wearing a shirt that reads "Int: 19 (Supra-genius)". Thugboy and his crew appear to have worn similar shirts.
  • This is the first story which reveals that Emp's suit only works for her.
  • Halothane[1] really is a thing, not just a chemical made up for the comic; in fact, it is considered one of the essential medications for a developing country.


"Image... Scarred into... Forebrain..."
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