A Sistah's Story
Volume 1 Story 27
Preceded by
Willy Pete
Followed by
Love Changes Everything


Sistah Spooky finds Empowered glued to a wall by Glue Gun Gil. She laughs at Emp for being defeated by one of the lamest supervillains in the city, on par with Laddermaster and Pink Elephant. Emp asks why Sistah Spooky is always so mean to her. Sistah Spooky has a flashback to high school, where she was unattractive and was bullied by all of her beautiful blonde classmates. She summoned the Infernal Service Provider, intending to sell her soul for magical power to take revenge on them. The Infernal Service Provider informed her that he wasn't authorized to grant her that much power, and that all of her classmates had sold their souls to him in exchange for their beauty. He offered her the same deal, and she accepted. However, due to an error in filling out the infernal paperwork, he accidentally granted her incredible mystical power as well. Though he asked her to return it, she used it to become the superhero Sistah Spooky instead. However, when Empowered joined the Superhomeys, it revived memories of her old trauma and she felt intense fear and resentment towards her, leading to their antagonism.

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