A Long Line of Dead People
Volume 2 Story 13
Preceded by
The Power of TIME!
Followed by
Fruity Flakes


Thugboy is asleep and having a nightmare. He first notices that his Witless Minions tattoo is back. He then speaks with his old friend Q-Dog, whose head has been reduced to a flaming skill from his death at the hands of Willy Pete. He then sees the empty hypermembrane, standing and making gestures with its hands. Willy Pete then appears and threatens Empowered. Thugboy blindfolds Emp so that she won't have to see all of the dead people. The shades of everyone Thugboy has known who has died appears around him: his mother, his sister, the Holy Avenger, CHA18, the Witless Minions, and an Armored Villain he killed. Sistah Spooky shows up and reminds Thugboy of a prophecy she made that he and Emp would be separated by death. Another of Thugboy's victims, the Snakesuit Villain, accuses Thugboy of not telling Emp about his past as a capekiller in San Antonio. He accidentally shoots Emp with his .50 sniper rifle, then wakes up in terror. Emp says that he was having a nightmare and offers him Mellow Mr. Monkey, the stuffed animal which she sleeps with to prevent herself from having nightmares.

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