Volume 3 Story 7
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Empowered hears Maura calling for assistance and tries to help her, only to get capture. Maura is a member of the group Advanced Restraint Research, a pirate-themed organization that produces technologically advanced bondage gear. A.R.R. demonstrates a number of their inventions on Emp, such as the Robobait Innocentron, while filming it for a commercial. Afterwards, Emp points out the flaws in their marketing strategy: it won't appeal to female supervillains, it will make male supervillains nervous about being perceived as violating the unwritten rules, the pirate meme is outdated, and she makes a poor subject for demonstrating the efficacy of the products since she has a reputation for being easily captured. She convinces them that using their gear on the other members of the Superhomeys would be much more impressive. Most of the other Superhomeys easily break free of the contraptions and defeat A.R.R. -- with the exception of Sistah Spooky, who gets captured and ends up being featured in one of their ads.

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