Volume 1 Story 24
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Empowered returns to her apartment upset after an online poll votes her as having the "most slut-tastic and 'do-me'-riffic costume of all superheroines". Emp says that her costume isn't a skimpy, sexed-up stripper outfit like those worn by Jugganaut and the Scarlet Succubus. She has no choice but to dress like this, because her hypermembrane malfunctions if she wears anything over or under it. She can't even wear a cape, like insecure superheroines like Q Girl do to hide their butts. She feels naked in her super suit, and has noticed heroes like Robotomy, Super Dawg, and Single Action staring at her. Emp says that when she dreamed of becoming a superhero, she imagined having a much cuter costume. Thugboy and Ninjette assure Emp that they know she doesn't wear the suit to be provocative, and that the ignoramuses on the Superhomeys message board don't know anything about her.

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